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Real VR Fishing ‘Spring Edition’ Free Update Adds New Avatar Clothing And More This April

David Jagneaux


21. 3. 23.

Real VR Fishing is getting a big free ‘Spring Edition’ update on April 8 that will introduce new leaderboards for all fish species, 30 new avatar clothing options, full-screen support for YouTube windows in the in-game browser, and a new quick select for the screenshot camera.

Real VR Fishing: Spring Edition

We don’t know anything else about the Spring Edition update, but hopefully some new locations are added as well. Real VR Fishing is one of the best games on the Oculus Quest, it ranks highly on our best Quest multiplayer VR games list, and it boasts a fantastic casual multiplayer atmosphere. The environments combine actual 360 photography with animated visuals in a way that is breathtakingly realistic.

You can fish using a variety of difficulty modes, but I highly recommend you get your bearings quickly in with the first two settings and switch to Expert mode ASAP to really maximize the immersion. The visual cues in the easier settings are nice, but it’s so much more immersive when it’s just you, your rod, and the open water.

One of the best things about Real VR Fishing is the in-game browser so you can pull up YouTube to watch a movie or videos, listen to music, and browse the internet while you fish. If you’re streaming, it’s really nifty to be able to pull up chat inside your headset since Quest itself doesn’t have the ability to pull up its Oculus browser at all while inside another app.

We’re crossing our fingers that this update will include some new environments, but in the meantime new avatar clothing is something to look forward to. Let us know what you think of the update down in the comments below!

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