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Real VR Fishing, my haven of peace

Tomislav Bezmalinovic

2022년 8월 18일

The fishing simulation Real VR Fishing not only helps you relax. It is also a small technical miracle.

Virtual reality is an excellent counter to stressful everyday life. Sit down and immerse yourself in another world and self-indulgent activity. The fishing simulation Real VR Fishing recently reminded me how well this works.

I tested the VR game almost three years ago with the Oculus Rift S PC VR headset and enjoyed it. When I retested it with Meta Quest 2 (review), I was surprised at how much has changed since then.

The drab text tutorials I criticized have given way to interactive training. There’s now multiplayer, and dozens of new, stunningly beautiful fishing spots (available via DLC).

Impressive technology

What made the biggest impression on me when I played it again was the graphics. Real VR Fishing combines crisp 360-degree images with photogrammetry, an impressive water simulation, and occasional animated elements, such as ducks swimming by, clouds sliding down a mountainside, or petals falling.

What the studio gets out of the Meta Quest 2’s mobile processor and conjures up on the displays at 90 frames per second is astounding.

Via an integrated browser, I can play my own MP3 files or call up Youtube Music and listen to gentle piano strokes or classical music. This always creates magical moments and phases of contemplation and inner peace.

A solid fishing experience

Not much has changed at the core of the game. The fishing experience is still motivating. You can fish with live or artificial bait and in fresh or salt water, level up when you catch fish, and unlock new areas and equipment. Earn money to buy higher quality fishing rods and bait, which in turn hook bigger and rarer fish.

If you want to compete with other players, you can do so via leaderboards. And of course, you can display the fish you catch in your own virtual aquarium.

Real VR Fishing is designed to be beginner-friendly. It offers three difficulty levels, which support each other in the degree of visual aids. If you like, you can turn off all supports. This is when the VR game is at its best and most immersive.

New DLC takes you to Japan

At the end of 2021, the first paid DLC, U.S. West, released. This brought 20 new fishing spots as well as numerous new species of fish from the western United States. Later, ten new fishing spots were added for free.

On August 18, Japan DLC Part 1 came out, unlocking ten tranquil fishing spots from the Land of the Rising Sun. If the developers follow the example of the previous DLC, more free locations for DLC owners could be added at a later date.

Real VR Fishing costs $19.99 euros in the Oculus Store. If you buy the VR game, you will also get the PC VR version, which has unfortunately not been maintained for a long time and does not offer DLC access.

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