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Software Engineer

Primary Roles

  • Software engineering for VR games using Unity 3D

  • Software engineering for new VR projects - Maintenance and update support for existing projects

  • Multiplatform response to Meta Quest, Rift, SteamVR, PSVR

Required Qualifications


  • Experience developing and launching 3D games using Unity 3D engine

  • Understanding of data structure and network game

  • Planning and requirements analysis and code mapping

  • Good team communication skills

Preferred Qualifications


  • Experience producing VR projects

  • Experience with online games

  • Interest in researching and learning new skills

  • Extensive knowledge of computer science (Data structure, algorithms, graphic, 3D mathematics, etc)

  • No difficulties working with projects on Jira, Git, Svn, etc

  • Good English communicational skills

​Application process

​Please submit the following documents to

  • Resume

  • Portfolio

  • Cover Letter

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