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10 Best Relaxing Games On Meta Quest 2

Saim Cheeda

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VR headsets like Meta Quest 2 offer relaxing and cozy experiences through a variety of games and apps.

Virtual reality headsets such as the Meta Quest 2 may not immediately bring to mind the thought of relaxing, cozy experiences, yet the platform is home to many games and apps that meet those qualifications perfectly. The ability that virtual reality headsets have to trick one's mind into believing they exist in the created space can be used for a wide variety of genres and even provide health benefits through fitness and meditation. Calming relaxation is just one of many benefits that VR can offer.

Titles that offer such an atmosphere can range from puzzle games like Cubism to real-life simulations such as Real Fishing VR. Those looking to kick back and leave their troubles behind will have a great time adding these games to their collection for experiences that are rarely accessible on other platforms. Games such as these prove that not all VR titles need to induce a sweat.


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10Cubism (2020)

Brain-Teasing Puzzles

Cubism is a game where players create increasingly complex shapes as the levels progress. While it might sound like a challenge, Cubism creates a very realistic environment for fans that makes it easy to be captured by the game’s aesthetic. It’s also simple enough to play through, since the general idea is to create various blocks. Since Cubism encourages players to think outside the box, the VR experience is all about taking time to come up with exciting shapes to craft – this has a relaxing effect on those who love brain-teasers.

9TRIPP (2020)

Mental Health Wellness App

TRIPP is a wellness game that features a variety of modes relating to meditation, mindfulness, and exercises. The core aspect of it is set against a backdrop where the map comprises locations like gardens, foggy locales, and trips to space. TRIPP’s primary focus is on meditation and breathing exercises, with players encouraged to follow instructions on how they can best achieve a sense of peace and relaxation. The title never presents any challenges, since the purpose is to leave fans in a calmer state than when they began the playthrough.

8Real VR Fishing (2019)

Virtual Fishing Game

Real Fishing VR is frequently touted as one of the most relaxing gaming simulators, and it offers a realistic fishing experience in the comfort of one's own home, complete with beautiful scenery and the calming sound of waves crashing to provide a sense of being in the great outdoors. Players can work on their fishing techniques through a range of skills the game offers, along with changing the environment to what suits them best. Mainly, though, Real Fishing VR provides a break from the real world and an escape into the serenity of the open lake.


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7Nature Treks VR (2017)

Nature Control Simulation

Nature Treks VR is a surefire contender to be considered one of the most relaxing games on Meta Quest 2. It has everything from tropical landscapes to underwater areas, along with flora and fauna to explore the world alongside. Nature Treks VR seeks to bring a calming influence through these aspects.

There are no dangers in the environments the game presents, with players encouraged to roam about to uncover new areas, as well as take control and create the world to fit their desires and become their own sanctuary. Nature Treks VR can be seen as a meditation title since being around the relaxing map provides a sense of ease that makes the virtual reality factor as true as can be.

6Squingle (2021)

Fractal Puzzles Game

The beautiful colors and psychedelic fractals that make up the puzzles in Squingle can truly transport someone to another dimension with Meta Quest 2. Over 100 hand-crafted puzzles offer challenges where players have to maneuver revolving orbs through see-through tunnels. A massive update in the fall of 2023 added Mixed Reality to the equation, bringing those trippy tunnels into the player's real-world environments.

5Vermillion (2022)

Oil Painting Simulator

Vermillion gives budding artists a chance to play with virtual reality painting, even giving the option to frame and mount the finished products in a virtual home. Offering tutorials, realistic color mixing to blend pigments, and changing looks based on the pressure applied or direction given to brush strokes, Vermillion wants to give inspiration to players to create their own masterpieces. Multiplayer is now available, so up to four people can paint together in the virtual space, sharing palettes and even having the chance to paint on the same canvases.


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4Harvest VR (2021)

Farming Simulator

Harvest VR is a free game on Meta Quest 2 that puts players inside a cozy farming sim experience. The perfect escape, players can do all the traditional farming sim tasks, such as grow plants, sell veggies, raise animals, mine, fish, and more. Through gameplay, decorations can be unlocked for the farm and house to make it a cozy place all their own.

3Gadgeteer (2019)

Creating Virtual Rube Goldberg Machines

Gadgeteer stretches the imagination as players design their own chain reaction devices known as Rube Goldberg machines. This physics-based VR puzzle game has 60 puzzles built in, as well as a Maker Mode where anything within the boundaries of physics can be accomplished. At the time of writing, developers have announced they are currently working on creating a Mixed Reality mode, bringing the puzzles into players' own rooms.

2Color Space (2020)

Virtual Coloring Book

Few things are as relaxing as peacefully working on a coloring book, which is exactly what Color Space has brought to the Meta Quest 2 and other VR headsets. Allowing players to step inside the coloring book to color the world around them, the scenes come to life as colors are filled in with animations and soundscapes. 32 black-and-white worlds are included, ready to be brought to vibrant life.

1Walkabout Mini Golf VR (2020)

Virtual Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is a beautiful VR mini-golf game with several unique 18-hole courses that players can enjoy solo, 1v1, or with up to eight other players in a private room. Offering realistic physics, the game is immersive and relaxing, although there is a Hard Mode for those looking for an extra challenge. Walkabout Mini Golf's collectible balls hidden throughout the game, treasure hunts, and more can make this one of the most relaxing games on Meta Quest 2.

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