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Dev blog – August

Hello, Anglers!

This latest update includes the two major gameplay updates, Japan DLC part 1 and Summer Event! Also, with the addition of new features and these updated systems to the game, it took a lot of quality time to make sure things were implemented correctly and tested thoroughly.

Although, we want to make sure we address some long-standing community concerns and include features players have been looking forward to. Here are some of the features expected to be released with the following patch.

Data Protection

We shared this announcement previous time as well however, we would like to inform you once again. Previously, we only stored players' data in one local storage. However, that caused trouble whenever the server was unstable. We wanted to give the best and most accurate data to all RVRF players. Therefore, please allow the permission and check if you are online whenever you want to save your data. Save your Data, Save your Fish!

Japan DLC part 1

We know you have eagerly waited for new fishing spots for a long time!

We are super excited to announce that RVRF's next DLC, Japan DLC Part 1, is coming this August 18th, at 10 AM PDT!

Summer Event

It was a pleasure to see all of the anglers enjoy the July fishing event. Therefore, we prepared a new Summer Event!

Find and Catch the NEW Fish of the week!

- Every week, we will present a NEW fish of the week for our Anglers to catch

- These fish are species you've never seen before and they'll only appear during this event period

- Customize your aquarium by filling them! They won't disappear after the event!

Patch Note


Released Japan DLC Part 1

- Added new ten stages and fish

- Added Japan-themed Rods & Reels (Rewards for Japan DLC Pre-Registration)

Summer Fishing Event

- Added new fish species for the event


- Added avatar items for weekly attendance rewards from September to December.

- Improved the UI of the fishing map

- Improved the MAIL tab of the Lodge TV

- Added a wristwatch icon that players make them check the internet connection and Mic status(On/Off)

Bug Fixed

- Fixed the issue where the facial color of the avatar keep changing to default after restarting RVRF

- Work In Progress -

We will continue to work on several features that the community has been asking about, and we want to keep you in the loop on our progress. This work takes time, but we want to make sure you know where we are at with it.

Avatar progress

We are continuing to improve the Avatar. To provide better gameplay and more intellectual social gatherings, we are in a phase of research and developing our avatar changes. Below is our research progress on the avatars. We will continue to improve the design and functionality of these new avatars. We want to ensure this is done correctly and fully functions well with the equipment and the movement design for the game. Each day, we get our models a bit closer to moving in a more natural way. Of course, this is not the final product yet! Although the process might be taking longer than expected, we truly want to put out our best avatars possible that our players can fully enjoy.

Progress of new National Parks project

We continue to improve the design and visuality of new locations and fish animations. And throughout the community, we announced, that we are working together with TheDots. They worked on some of the more scenic maps of our US WEST DLC.

Here is some of our progress regarding the new project.

UI Improvement

We have collected the voice of our users who wanted to utilize the menu more efficiently. We are focused to improve on New Console UI for selecting a location and the new wrist watch UI.

Discontinuing the support for Oculus Go

Dear anglers in GO,

As many of us are aware, Oculus has announced that they will be dropping support for Oculus Go.

After a deep discussion and thoughts shared amongst the team, due to the difficulty of constant update that is needed for Oculus Go, we have made a tough decision to discontinue the support for Oculus Go.

We know this is not pleasing news for GO users, and we must say we share the same thoughts and feelings about this decision. GO was the starting point for Real VR Fishing, and with it, we learned and matured. And not only did it enable us to expand to Quest and Rift, but it allowed us to meet many valuable users who loved and supported Real VR Fishing. Regardless, it is time for us to phase away from Oculus GO.

Thank you for the great journey you have provided us, which we will never forget. We would like to apologize sincerely for the decision we have made and would like to once again thank all the Oculus GO users who supported Real VR Fishing during this time.


Devs United Games


Q. When will Real VR Fishing end its support for Oculus GO?

A. The service will end on the 31st of September 2022, and the online leaderboard will no longer be available.

Q. Can I still play Real VR Fishing with my Oculus GO when the support has ended?

A. Yes, users who own the application will still be able to continue using the most recent binary in the STORE channel dashboard.

We hope everyone will enjoy all the features that the new patch has to offer, and we continue to look forward to the updates that come in the future.

Happy Fishing!


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