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Head of Publishing Team / Business Project Manager

Primary Roles

  • The Head of Publishing Team / Business Project Manager will be leading the publishing team and reporting to the CEO. Business PM will be responsible for the games business strategy, marketing strategy, creative development, and production execution. Must be a big-thinker and problem-solver, with the practical ability to deliver our titles to the global market considering both customer and business opportunities.

  • Your role will be constantly evolving as the company grows and you are required to hire the right talents to grow the team.


  • Exceptional analytical skills and experience working in a metrics-driven organization

  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously within tight deadlines

  • Detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to bring initiatives

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong Excel skills

What you will do?

  • Drive Gaming revenue generation, development, and management.

  • Develop and drive strategic initiatives to grow Devs United Games' game audiences and generate revenue across multiple platforms globally with CEO.

  • Participate in short- and long-term strategic and operational planning for the organization with CEO.

  • Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth for each title.

  • Establish the process for effectively managing Real VR Fishing’s ecosystem as well as conceptualizing, planning, establishing new games.

  • Monitor the company’s gaming market position, competitive movements, customer trends, and other areas that may affect the organization and the portfolio of businesses.

  • Monitor budgets, P&L statement review, and overall financial results for the functional area of operations.

  • Communicate with the Development PM and teams to measure and optimize business performance, including strategic planning, competitive analysis, performance tracking and reporting, and a variety of ad-hoc strategic initiatives.

  • Cultivate an environment and develop best practices for knowledge creation, documentation, and transfer within and business division to foster a culture of success.

  • Accountability to oversee, track, and manage the activities of the Real VR Fishing and new projects to ensure that project goals are completed on time.


  • Experienced with business strategy for consumer-facing games

  • Over 10 years of advanced product management experience, ideally in video games.

  • An applied math, economics, computer science or related degree.

  • Graduate degree preferred, but can be replaced by relevant work experience in a corporate insights or consulting role.

  • Able to help foster relationships and collaborate with key decision makers and teammates.

  • Deep understanding of KPIs directly impacting the product.

  • Knowledge of how competitors have impacted their products via live services.

  • Understanding of in-game economies and what levers can be pulled to alter/change a given economy in the product.

  • Very strong analytical skills and experience with data-driven design and decision-making.

  • Comfort with statistical concepts and advanced business metrics.

  • Working knowledge of data querying languages (SQL/R/Python) and tools. Strong Excel skills, ability to create and manage models and simulators for virtual economies.

  • Built or worked on at least one successful consumer-facing product.

  • Experience defining specs or PRDs with clear technical requirements, user flows and wireframes.

  • Excellent problem solving and creative thinking skills.

  • The ability to communicate effectively and to build successful interpersonal relationships with discipline partners across the organization.

  • A proactive, self-starter spirit and ability to work both independently and on a team without micromanagement.

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