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Major Real VR Fishing Update Delayed, Now Coming November 6

Harry Baker


21. 10. 17.

One of Real VR Fishing’s biggest updates yet has been slightly delayed, pushed from October 20 to November 6.

The Year 2 Edition update, celebrating the game’s 2-year anniversary since release back in September 2019, is set to make some large changes to the mechanics and introduce a reworked in-game store, tutorial and sound effects. The developer saysthat the update will “change the gameplay in a MAJOR way and allow you to play in diverse styles.”

The update was initially announced in April and then announced for an October release last month, alongside a beta test period. According to the developers in a Reddit post, the decision to delay will let them spend the extra few weeks “fine-tuning the game, and focus on delivering a more satisfactory fishing experience to everyone at launch.” To apologize for the delay, all users will receive a special pair of gloves when the update hits in November.

Alongside the update announcement back in April, the developers also announced the US West DLC — the first installment in two US-themed DLC packs, split up from what was originally going to be one large pack. The DLC will feature 20 new environments and new fish species. The DLC pack is planned to drop before the end of the year.

Real VR Fishing first launched on Quest in September 2019. It has consistently received content updates since then, including the fantastic edition of multiplayer in August 2020, which landed it a spot on our list of best multiplayer games on the Quest platform. The most recent, the Attendance Update, added graphical enhancements, new outfits, online leaderboard support and more.

Real VR Fishing is available now on Steam and Oculus Rift for PC VR and on the Oculus Store for Quest. It’s also currently 30% off on the latter platform, as part of the Quest 2 anniversary sale.

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