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Real VR Fishing US West DLC Releases December 16 For Quest

Harry Baker


21. 12. 1.

The first paid DLC for Real VR Fishing releases on December 16 for Quest, adding 20 new fishing locations, 76 new species and a new level system for the DLC content.

Real VR Fishing has had a plethora of free content updates since release, but this marks the first expansion release of paid content. The December 16 release is only for the Quest platform — developers at Miragesoft told UploadVR that they “hope to release” the DLC on other platforms like Steam further down the line, but there’s no concrete release date yet.

The DLC will cost $11.99 and features 20 new locations — 15 freshwater and 5 saltwater — including some iconic American locales such as Yosemite Valley, Lake Tahoe, and the Grand Canyon.

The 76 new species in the DLC include 36 freshwater species (green sturgeon, northern pike, tiger muskie and more) and 40 saltwater species (great white shark, sixgill shark, pacific sailfish and more).

There’s also a brand new level system for the DLC, allowing players to work through the US West levels separately from the main game’s campaign. This also means the DLC can be a starting point for new players who buy the base game and the DLC together.

The update also brings an improved user interface for the main menu, alongside a new world map.

“[The] US West DLC is not only a map extension, but also a new starting point for Real VR Fishing,” developers MirageSoft said in a prepared statement. “The goal of Real VR Fishing is to allow players to fish in all fishing spots around the world. The US West DLC is the first footprint for this project.”

We know that the original plan for the US DLC was to release it as one big expansion, before the team decided to separate it into East and West releases. Fingers crossed for a US East DLC release next then?

The US West DLC for Real VR Fishing will be available from December 16 on the Quest platform for $11.99.

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