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Dev Blog - July

최종 수정일: 2022년 11월 4일

Development Update Hello Anglers!

Devs United Games always wants to provide what our players want to experience through RVRF. But we have not properly shared our progress on the project until after it had been released. Therefore, we are pleased to share our progress and walk together with our players. We really pushed to make sure we address some long-standing community concerns and include features players have been looking forward to. Here are some of the features expected to be released with the following patch.

New Data Protection

We changed the User Interface to check the Online/Offline mode. Now, depending on the internet connection condition, the notification of On/Offline mode will be present. This process was necessary for the players due to the players' data protection. Previously, we only stored players' data in one local storage. However, that caused trouble whenever the server was unstable. We wanted to give the best and most accurate data to all RVRF players. Therefore, please allow the permission and check if you are online whenever you want to save your data.

July In-game Event

It has been ages since we have last held any events. Therefore, we prepared a big one this month! Catch the fish of the week. If you participate just once in this event, you can get an awesome medal!

Complete the mission, you have the possibility of receiving a unique trophy!

Do not worry about your level during this period.

- The sharks' appearance rate will be increased!

- The level limitation of each location and epic fish capture will disappear!

*For the new anglers, float fishing Saltwater Rod/Reel A will be given to those participating in this event. If you already own it, we will make its durability full

Patch Note


- Fixed the issue that “Connecting..” keeps displaying and does not enter when selecting multiplayer

- Added the permission warning title screen if you disagree with the In-game permission.

- Added file permission status DB and access data storage function

July Fishing event

- Decreased the entry level of every map(Korea, USW) to level 1

- Decreased creation level of epic fish to level one 1

- Decreased SALTWATER FLOAT ROD A, REEL A wearing level to level 1.

- Added the shelves for leaderboard medals and event medals and modified related logic

- Added aquarium decorations and medals (July fishing event)

As we focus on wrapping up this patch, we will continue to work on the other features. Continue reading from the Work In Progress for details on other updates that are still being worked on

- Work In Progress -

We will continue to work on several features that the community has been asking about, and we want to keep you in the loop on our progress. This work takes time, but we want to make sure you know where we are at with it.


Currently, we are working on making improvements to the Avatar. To provide better gameplay, we are in a phase of research and developing our avatar changes. Below is our research progress on the avatars. We will continue to improve the design and functionality of these new avatars. We want to ensure this is done correctly and fully functions well with the equipment and the movement design for the game. Each day, we get our models a bit closer to moving in a more natural way. Of course, this is not the final product yet! Although the process might be taking longer than expected, we truly want to put out our best avatars possible that our players can fully enjoy.

Korea Map Improvement

While we were progressing with US West Revisited, we became aware of locations that are not matched to our current standards. Therefore, we made some improvements to our existing maps.

Progress of new DLC

We continue to improve the design and visuality of new locations and fish animations. We heard your excitement over the upcoming map loud and clear! Your passion for this map resonated so much with us that we just had to share more. As an end to this page, we wanted to provide you with the first-ever teaser image of the map.

UI Improvement

After the Fish Count UI update, we noticed how grateful our players needed the UI improvement. Therefore, we are making the UI overhaul to improve readability and visibility and create new icons if necessary.

We hope everyone will enjoy all the features that the new patch has to offer, and we continue to look forward to the updates that come in the future.

Happy Fishing!

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