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Father’s Day Fishing Derby : Win a trip to South Korea by sharing your story with us

Hi Anglers!

We'd like to share the details of our Father’s Day Fishing derby and how you can participate. We have some incredible rewards (and trust us, they’re INCREDIBLE) in-store for both winners and participants, so keep reading to see what’s in-store for this event and how you can win!

This event will have two parts:

Part 1 is similar to the Barracuda event we ran last time. Players must catch a specific breed of fish for a specific period of time and the players with the longest fish will be rewarded. It’s as simple as that!

Part 2 is where we really want to hear from you guys. We want you to share your VR multiplayer experience with us: gather your friends and family and show us how you play by sharing in-game photos. This event will run for 24 hours after the first event ends and we'll rank and reward you with our amazing (again, we mean AMAZING) prizes based on the number of reactions your post has and an in-house assessment by our lovely DUG Team. Make sure to participate for a chance to win!

This Father’s Day, catch the biggest fish, share stories, and enjoy Derby Day in multiplayer with the people you love. Right here on Real VR Fishing!

Detail Rule :


Part 1

PST: 6/18, 13:00 ~ 6/18 17:00 EST: 6/18 16:00 ~ 6/18 20:00 GMT: 6/18 20:00 ~ 6/19 00:00 CET: 6/18 21:00 ~ 6/19 01:00 KST: 6/19 05:00 ~ 6/19 09:00

Part 2

PST: 6/18 17:00 ~ 6/19 17:00 EST: 6/18 20:00 ~ 6/19 20:00 GMT: 6/19 00:00 ~ 6/20 00:00 CET: 6/19 01:00 ~ 6/20 01:00 KST: 6/19 09:00 ~ 6/20 09:00


Are you ready to hear about the amazing prizes we’ve been hinting at? Well, look no further:

Part 1

Results will be released within 1 day after the derby ending.

Rewards will be distributed as coupon codes via private message within the 1st week after the derby ending.

  • 1st : physical trophy

  • 1st ~ 100th : In-game gold T-shirt

  • 101st ~ 200th : In-game silver T-shirt

  • 200th+ : In game Item bronze T-shirt

Part 2

Results will be released within 1 week after the derby ending.

  • 1st : 2 round-trip airplane tickets & hotel accommodation to South Korea, with a visit to the Devs United Games office

  • Participants reward : In game Item C (Same item in Part 1)

Our top reward will be awarded to the person with the highest score only, make sure you participate to have a chance to win this AMAZING prize!!


Part 1

  • The ranking is determined by the max length - if there is a tie, upload time of the post will be taken into account

  • The maps for this Derby are Korea 8, US WEST FREE 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10.

  • The target fish is Japanese Aucha Perch.

  • During the derby, you can catch Epic Fish(Japanese Aucha Perch) at any level.

  • Because the Japanese Aucha Perch is an Epic Fish, you must use Expert Mode to catch them.

Part 2

  • Upload a photo taken during the derby period.

  • Multiple people in the same group can upload a photo if they want tell us their stories as well.

  • The reward must go to the person who uploaded the post; after all, you worked hard to get there!

How to participate

Part 1

  • You can post your entries to our Facebook Fan Page or our Discord Server

  • After catching the fish, take a picture showing both the length of the fish and the watch time at the same time.

  • Upload time is from the start of the match until 10 minutes after the end of the match.

  • You have to upload your in-game username with the photo you decide to use.

Part 2

  • You can post your entry to our Facebook fan page or our Discord server.

  • When submitting, posts should include a group selfie with two or more people, along with a story about the group and your VR experience.

  • You must participate in multiplayer with at least two people (not necessarily dads; everyone can join in on the fun this Father’s Day!).


  • Individual rankings will not be available for this derby, you will be awarded prizes based off the range of ranks you fall into (E.g. 1st - 100th place).

  • You will be disqualified if you behave inappropriately towards others or if we detect any signs of tampering/manipulation of your photo.

  • We are not liable for any disadvantages caused by your lack of awareness of the rules.

  • Please do not publicly harass players you don’t think deserved to win. If you feel that an award was unjustly given, please contact me (Dustin) via private message on Facebook or Discord. Failure to ignore this will result in disqualification.

  • You can appeal within 24 hours of the results being announced.

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